Wildlife and Education

I am a naturalist, author and wildlife educator living on Saint Martin. It is truly the best job in the whole world and basically pays nothing. I have been to almost every nook and cranny of this island with a backpack full of camera gear. I wrote and published two editions of The Incomplete Guide to the Wildlife of Saint Martin, the first book of its kind on the island. Dr. James “Skip” Lazell called it “the best, and most complete, natural history book I have read about any single Caribbean island.” If there is anyone on earth who is an excellent judge of these things, it is Skip.

I am co-founder and Treasurer of the non-profit association Les Fruits de Mer. Les Fruits de Mer organizes four major wildlife events for the public on Saint Martin: the Migratory Bird Festival, Birds and Bugs, SnorkelFest and the Endemic Animal Festival. We give presentations and lead workshops and nature walks for schools and youth groups. We connect with people from all walks of life by giving wildlife presentations at local street fairs and other community events.

I have collaborated with a number of scientists and conservation organizations, and contributed wildlife photography to many books, journals and educational resources. I write a weekly column about birds in St. Maarten’s The Daily Herald and I’ve been a featured speaker at a variety of local and regional conferences and events.

Items of Interest

Les Fruits de Mer

A non-profit association dedicated to understanding and sharing the unique ecology, heritage and culture of the Caribbean. Find out what we are doing on the island of St. Martin and around the world. Be inspired. Join us on our adventures.


The original Les Fruits de Mer. The world's first and only extreme shallow snorkeling team, exploring the shallowest waters around the globe and reporting back on the life within. Getting wet "pour les sciences. le plaisir. et le boating."

St. Martin Wildlife

Learn about the unique wildlife of the island of St. Martin at the online home of The Incomplete Guide to the Wildlife of Saint Martin, the first — and only — book on the subject, now in its less-incomplete second edition. Download the book for free!

Statia Wildlife

St. Eustatius. The Golden Rock. One of the hidden gems of the Caribbean, this island is unknown to most and its wildlife is largely undocumented. Follow us into the field as we research and publish The Incomplete Guide to the Wildlife of Sint Eustatius.